Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tragedy and a New Blog

Hey virtual performance people....

This is the last post to the SF 1.0 blog, as we are in the process of making a spiffy new SF site, and we have the SF Blog going, where we will tell you all about June 30th's Iron Lung Grand Prix at Amsterdam. We smoked the crowd with clouds of cigarettes, other "stuff, and drove our jaunty jalopies made of |Soviet-era Iron Lungs around the Dam...

More soon.


Yes, it's true! (Well, maybe...)
Only days after the Grand Theft Avatar performance, a freak mishap claimed the lives of SF'ers Wirxli FlimFlam and AliseIborg Zhaoying. During a rehearsal for |SL5B, a 10m anvil was accidentally dropped that was not set to "Phantom" and smashed them to bits (or bytes, or pixels). A virtual memorial was held with SF & friends in attendance, Bit from Tron, MegaByte from ReBoot, and Buzz Lightyear.

Well, maybe it's not exactly true.
The good news is that Jeremy and Penny were accepted to Graduate School in Vancouver. But conversely, they join the ranks of SF Emiritii that have thrown pies at the virtual world (or pizzas, at least). These things happen, but for them it's a good thing, because they don't need to be worried about the likes of the evil Investor Allen and the invading alien horde of the USS Allenvest.

Oh, wait... that's another story.
Hey - see you on the other blog...