Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pizza Slut - Liz Solo's POV

Pizza Slut - Liz Solo's POV

Monday, May 28, 2007

Intermezzo Di Pazzo!

Second Front - Intermezzo Di Pazzo
If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.

I hope you are enjoying this little teaser video made by Second Front co-members Man Michinaga aka. La Cicciolina and Gazira Babeli while waiting for the official Pizza SLuts video to be posted...

Music credit - "California Sun" by the Ramones.

Pizza SLuts - Snapshots from Wirxli FlimFlam...

Here is Wirxli Flimflam with the owner of Pizzaria Sublimini, Abby Hynes. At first, we thought she worked at Pizza-Master in Switzerland (pictured here) but it turned out that she was doing the same thing we were: "re-delivery"...heh heh.

Hey performance art and pizzaria SLuts,

Just thought I would post my own Pizza SLut pix on the SF blog before the official SF Pizza SLut videos have been made public for your ravenous consumption.

Hopefully in the photo-captions below, I will give you some sense of what happened....

Here are a few of us ordering some SLices from the official Pizza-Master' menu for our re-delivery performance. We definitely did not approve of the high-prices (especially for the chicken wings which we did not bother buying) and the pizzas did not seem customized at all so I IM's Abby Hynes who was trolling around with us and asked if she could make a custom pizza that included fire...she replied that she had all the ingredients I asked for except for the fire itself...sigh! Well, that was no big deal as I am used to providing my own flames for the occasion :-)

Here is an aerial view of the Pizza-Master franchise. So, we had ordered a few pizzas and now we were thinking "who should we deliver these SLices to?" Well, we then went through our friends' list to see who was online. Yaaay, we found Rubaiyat Shatner from Ars Virtua online so he was our first lucky recipient!

...but first of all, I had to SLice Abby in gratitude for her customized pizza creation. It was Luv at first SLice indeed! Heheheheh..Also in this pic are my co-performers Man Michinaga and Tea Chenille. :-)

Ok ok, we are still SLacking off in the Pizza-Master outlet...sigh! When will get our act together? I guess we are no Hiros...heheheheh! Well, at least this pic contains a flattering angle of our primary deliverator (which is usually used for transporting more innovative bio-tech materials), the Strange Culture delivery van :-)

Well, here are re-delivering pizzas en masse to Rubaiyat Shatner. From left-right: Tran Spire (wearing his pizza box from CJ's Pizzaria), Gazira Babeli in her UPS van containing some of her singing pizzas, AliseIborg Zhaoying with her pizza-cape, Lizsolo Mathilde as the sexxxy and fae naughty-nurse SLut, Wirxli Flimflam (me) with his/her full-serve pizza toppings, Great Escape sitting on top of the Strange Culture van with his custom super-sized pizza SLice, Abby Hynes from Pizzaria Sublimini, Tea Chenille (with her SLiced head and plaid skirt), Rubaiyat Shatner (looking like he accidentally ordered too many pizzas), and Man Michinaga looking somewhat androgenous (more than usual). I am not sure who is in the UPS van above with the purple hair but I think that is Gaz's friend, Olga.

So, after Rubaiyat receieved his 1,000 pizzas as per his order, we then proceeded to deliver to the NMConnect curator, In Kenzo who invited us all into her kitchen (well, it was the Kraft Kitchens Cooking Institute) for a much more direct delivery...we delivered straight to her oven...heheheh... In Kenzo is pictured in the far right of the kitchen by the oven eating a rather large SLice.

...and here was the moment we made a delivery to the SLEnquirer and ended up at...well...at the Stock Exchange during the testy trading of shares...yikes! Well, this is the delivery that got us into some hot sauce, you can read all about it in this blog posting.


Here are three of us in a sandbox the day before painstakingly trying to undertake the usually simple task of loading pizzas into a van...Why does SL have to be less intuitive than RL? Why? Why? Why? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Here we are the night before getting ready to transport our toppings. The Aussie critic Dr. Lisa Dapto also managed to officially inspect our semi-covert operation...

...and here was the very first Pizza SLut related pic that I photographed...it depicts me trying to drive my UPS van...yeah, I am a SLacker, I know! Sigh!

Pizza SLuts - Snapshots from Great Escape...

Here we all are at Ian Ah's rehearsal lounge getting ready to order some pizzas from Pizza Master and Pizzaria Sublimini in order to re-deliver them.

Hey performance art fans and pizza SLuts,

Second Front co-member, Great Escape, just submitted some of his snapshots for inclusion in our blog.

Have a look at the other two pix that GE snapped on the group's behalf...

From left-right: SF's Strange Culture Delivery van, Great Escape, Man Michinaga (aka. La Cicciolina), Ti Mosienko and Wirxli Flimflam.

Here is Abby Hynes from the Pizzaria posing with Ti Mosienko.

Some Side Pizza Slut Fun

Man, um, I mean, Cicciolina, here!

Well, while we're compiling the video about our epic adventure, Gaz and I went to the beach. We surfed, played with pizza, went diving, and just about everything you'd expect in a game of DoA Extreme Beach Volleyball. However, SL doesn't have as robust of a physics engine yet ;)...

The result was a video called Intermezzo di Pazzo, which means Summer Fun! in Gibberish.

We have an installation based on it, and a
live video at Bitfactory Chindo...
If Wirx wants to Youtube, pop the link here, that'd be great.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pizza SLuts Preview...

All of these tiny thumbnail images were submitted by Second Front co-performer AliseIborg Zhaoying as a taster of future blog SLices to come...

Here is a quick summary for you:

1) A few days ago, Second Front ordered some Pizzas from Pizza Master in Switzerland before buying some custom made pizzas from a pizzaria owner named Abby Hynes from Pizzaria Sublimini...

2)After making sure we also had some of Gazira Babeli's Singing Pizzas in our collective inventory, we loaded up the UPS, Fed Ex and SF's Strange Culture delivery vans and proceeded to make personal deliveries as a group to people on our friends'list.

3) After delivering to friends such as Rubaiyat Shatner at Ars Virtua and In Kenzo at NMConnect, we proceeded to make a delivery for a friend at the SL Enquirer which turned out to be a surprised delivery during a sensitive (and possibly shady) transaction at the Allenvest International Stock Exchange (AIVX)...whoops! I think we SLiced off more than we could chew with this delivery... Some of us just needed to get to the bottom of these tentative and tense toppings...

Do you want to see more pix and learn about the context in more detail?
If yes, then stay tuned.... In the meantime, check out this sneak preview video...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pizza SLuts on the front page of The SLEnquirer!

"Stock Market Meeting 'Smashed by Pizza Delivery" by Alesia Schumann - SLEnquirer. Photo courtesy of the SLEnquirer.

Hey performance art and pizza fans!

Last night we just finished our performance called Pizza SLuts...

It caused quite a stir and the citizens of Second Life are still feeling the repercussions of the whole performance event.

We are in the process of organizing our definitive archives from this saucy performance for this blog but in the meantime, we have preserved and re-posted for you the breaking news that appeared in today's SLEnquirer...

Here is the article in its entirety:

Stock Market Meeting "Smashed" by Pizza Delivery.
By Alesia Schumann...

Posted: Thursday May 24, 2007

Just one day after the Allenvest International Exchange launched and started tradings with a volume of 326 573 shares exchanged, its headquarters were smashed by pizza delivery during a business meeting.

While the people behind Allenvest were convincing potential investors and journalists that their stock market plans made sense on Wednesday night, a group of performing artists called Second Front, led by Wirxli Flimflam, "delivered" pizza on request.

The "O Sole Mio" pizza chant sung was quite a momemtum killer when considering that stocks and risks in the virtual environment were discussed between people who wore pretty suits, ties and skirts.

After this event-shattering delivery took place, a few people in attendance said they filed griefing reports, thinking that the pizza was nothing short of an attack.

The SL Enquirer found the person who actually ordered the pizza but who also asked to remain anonymous.

"It was harmless fun, I think, but people take it as griefing, told us this source. She [Wirxli Flimflam] instant messaged me and I told her to deliver [to two people in attendance] and tell them it was from their #1 fan. I thought it it was gonna be a little prim pizza or something."

Wirxli Flimflam confirmed this information. "We thought they ordered pizza and we were just doing our job. It is as simple as that. We thought we were delivering to their office. If people are ignorant enough to see us as griefers, what can we say?"

Ms. Flimflam basically invited the Allenvest International Exchange people to handle the issue with humor. "Maybe SL will only be an empty corporate space like real life but is that ideal or worth aspiring to? Look at SL's origins and where it is heading now. People are getting increasingly uptight in SL. People need to be more open minded."

Investor Allen, chairman and CEO of the Allenvest International Exchange, intervened as quickly as possible when the "pizza attack" took place. "I"ve banned all the members of their group, he told the SL Enquirer. Six out of the ten of them were here."

Interestingly enough, Mr. Allen gave us a version of the facts that differs from Wirxli Flimflam's. "Any griefer I spoke with thought it was pretty funny and didn't deny it as a griefing attack, so I am left not knowing what to think."

Was any damage caused by the pizza delivery? "No permanent damage, just a random annoyance, added Mr. Allen. Well, the loss of clientele, perhaps. We had 25 people here for an event of ours. Oh well, I don't see it as a big deal anymore. It is the past, back to business."

~Alesia Schumann

Stay tuned for our official Pizza SLut video, photo-documents and additional text memoirs...

The greatest SF performance ever... Pizza SLuts!

Stay tuned: The most Epic Adventure of Second Front with Swiss Cheez Ever!
Featuring love, evil corporate goons, and massive amounts of food!
For now, check out the coverage at SLEnquirer.com...