Thursday, January 25, 2007

Second Front celebrates Art's Birthday - Western Front - Vancouver, Canada

Great Escape and Gazira Babeli doing the "twist" for Art's Birthday.

Left-Right: A UPS delivery Van, Bryan Dix, Great Escape, Wirxli Flimflam, Gazira Babeli, Tran Spire, Westernfront Obscure. The pix on the wall (with the exception of the Last Supper mural) are by Chi5 Shenzhou. The Last Supper embedded video is still rendering in this pic.

Greetings Performance Art Fans!

On January 17, 2007 - Second Front performed for the Art's Birthday festival. This performance was webcast and projected live at the Western Front in Vancouver. Thanks to the media curator, Peter Courtemanche for allowing us to officially perform at the Western Front.

Admittedly, these are far from the best documented images from the performance.

For example, there is this fantastic blog posting by one of our groupies from Oslo (Norway) named Plurabelle Posthorn. She took some excellent photos of us during our performance! Check out her blog posting here.

There will be some uploaded video soon from the Western Front itself and even some hi-rez images on its way to this blog very soon so stay tuned...

In the meantime, check out a few more of these in-world photos:

Left to Right: Lizsolo Mathilde (below), Gazira Babeli (above), Tran Spire (above with pink flamingos), unknown avatar (above), WesternFront Obscure , Wirxli Flimflam, Great Escape (with Art’s Birthday Cake) and the UPS delivery van.

Left-Right: The UPS delivery van, Tran Spire, Wirxli Flimflam (in front of Tran), Lizsolo Mathilde, unknown avatar, Gazira Babeli...

In this pic, you will notice that Chi5 Shenzhou's photos have rendered and that the Last Supper mural is still in the process of rendering...

Left Right: WesternFront Obscure, Tea Chenille (with a chicken), Wirxli Flimflam, unknown avatar (above Wirxli), Tran Spire, Lizsolo Mathilde and the UPS delivery van.

Left-Right: The UPS delivery van, Great Escape, Lizsolo Mathilde, Gazira Babeli (on the bed), Wirxli Flimflam, Tran Spire, Bryan Dix (special guest as Mr. Kool Aid), Tea Chenille, and WesternFront Obscure.

Left-Right: The UPS delivery van, Unknown avatar (on the bed), Gazira Babeli (also on the bed), Wirxli Flimflam, Bryan Dix (Mr. Kool Aid), Tran Spire, Tea (in front of Tran with chicken), Great Escape (still wearing the birthday cake)and WesternFront Obscure.

Left-Right: Tran Spire (still wearing that spectacular mass of pink flamingos), The UPS delivery van, Wirxli Flimflam, Unknown avatar (on the bed), Gazira Babeli, Tea Chenille, Man Michinaga, Great Escape, and our special guest, Bryan Dix aka. Mr. Kool Aid.


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Kunstradio, in collaboration with the EBU Ars Acustica group, will be celebrating Art's 1.000.043rd
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also be broadcast live on OE1, the cultural channel of the ORF (Austrian National Radio). The party will also be streamed live

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